Jeff Nelson, Republican Candidate for Chambers County Sheriff (NO ENDORSEMENT MADE) (Taken From The Candidates Website)


Photo by Dave Shirley Photography, Lanett, AL

“I’ve been asked by several people in the past few days what my background is in Law Enforcement. You will hear from me personally as I make my way around this great county, spending time in your communities, but I wanted to give you a summary of my diverse experience here also.”
“I started my career with Roanoke Police Department as a part time dispatcher in 1991 and became a patrolman with the city in 1992. In 1997 I was hired by the Alabama Department of Public Safety as a State Trooper and was assigned to Chambers County. While working as a Trooper I was assigned to the Special Operations Unit, Field Training Officer Unit, Motorcycle Unit and Traffic Homicide Unit. In 2007 I was recruited and transferred to the Alabama Bureau of Investigations (ABI) which is the top investigative unit for the State of Alabama. I was assigned to the Homicide/Major Crimes Unit and covered a 12 county district. I received extensive training in homicide investigations, search and seizure, forensics, interviewing, evidence identification and collecting and much more. I’ve been the lead case agent on capital murders, murders, officer involved shootings, officer misconduct and many other investigations. I’ve arrested and convicted people for almost every crime you can think of. I’ve both arrested and cleared officers accused of wrong doing. As an ABI Special Agent I’ve conducted extensive background investigations on Trooper applicants and other department employees. I was later assigned to the US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Taskforce Agent where I worked with the best narcotics officers in the State of Alabama. We conducted extremely complex and extensive investigations into major drug trafficking organizations operating in the State of Alabama and the Southeastern United States. I received extensive training including classes in Quantico Virginia at the DEA Academy. In 2015 the State of Alabama consolidated its state law enforcement agencies to form one of the strongest state law enforcement agencies in the country, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).”
“At the time my family was going through a tough time with my father being diagnosed with cancer so I requested to return to Highway Patrol in Chambers County. After the death of my father I was asked to transfer to the Protective Services Division which is a small elite unit that protects the highest ranking government officials in the state. I was assigned to the Governor and the Advanced Detail Team. I received extensive training in dignitary protection, counter surveillance and threat assessment. I was also trained as an intelligence analyst and provided intelligence to each of the 5 protection details. I have been assigned to and worked with the US Secret Service and US Capital Police on Congressional and Presidential details as well as foreign dignitaries visiting the State of Alabama. I’ve protected Cabinet members of the President when they have visited the state.”
“I requested to return to Highway Patrol after learning that my mother was losing her battle with cancer just before she passed away.”
“As you can see I’ve got experience in almost everything you can do in Law Enforcement.
The one thing that is consistent in my 25 years is that I always came home to Chambers County. I always answer the call when local agencies need help and believe me they call, because they know I have the knowledge and experience to help them. I feel that with my training and experience I can make the Sheriff’s Department and Chambers County even STRONGER!!”