Police Reports


Although we have contacted all Law Enforcement Offices in Randolph County, so far they have chosen not to share their press releases to the Randolph County Bugle and ALBugle.  As you know, we have been able to find stories from other sources and post it to you, or sometimes we can get information from the various departments websites.

As we have talked to people in your County, yes we are familiar with the Freedom of Information Act,  but we hope to get this worked out another way, real soon.

As many of you know, by now, the Randolph County Bugle and the ALBugle is not a chat room.  We just try to fill a void on news that we feel is not given in a timely manner and keep you, our friends and readers informed.

Thank you for your understanding with this, until we can get it resolved.

We welcome any help you can give us in this matter and we can be contacted at [email protected]