Chambers County Sheriff’s Report By Major T. J. Wood, 7/29/19


Jail Count- 153


1. Allen Junior Sutton 37, of Roanoke
Failure to Appear- No Drivers License
Failure to Appear- No Child Restraint
Failure to Pay- Driving while Suspended

2. Demetrus Antonio Sutton 35, of Roanoke
Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 1st degree
Attempting to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer

3. Maleesa Bailey Hurston 45, of Lanett
Giving a False Name to Law Enforcement

4. Carli Denise Simmons 30, of Lanett
Theft of Property in the Third degree

5. Anthony Xavier Roundtree 20, of Valley
Failure to Appear- No Drivers License

6. Tommie Evans 34, of Valley
Failure to Pay- Child Support
Failure to Appear- Child Support

7. Amber Dianne Bryant 38, Beulah
Theft of Property in the Fourth degree

8. Aviance Iona Dowdell 20, Opelika
Harassing Communications