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MLB announces rule changes for 2020, including 3-batter minimum

Major League Baseball announced a series of new rules for the 2020 season, headlined by pitchers being subject to a three-batter minimum. That rule will be officially implemented during spring training on March 12.

The active roster size has also been changed from 25 to 26 players. September rosters will allow for 28 players as opposed to the previous 40-man rule.

Teams will be allowed to designate specific “two-way” players, who both pitch and play a position/act as the designated hitter.

Due to the two-way rule, players without the designation will be unable to pitch in games that have either not reached extra innings or feature a score differential of fewer than six runs.

The 10-day injured list has been changed back to a 15-day IL.

Meanwhile, managers will be afforded less time to decide on whether or not to challenge a play, as umpires will enforce a 20-second timer instead of the previous 30-second rule.

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